VisualBubble Ribbon

VisualBubble Ribbon 1.0

It adds a further 9 pieces of functionality to MindManager Pro 7
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Visual Technology Solutions Limited

The Visual Bubble Ribbon adds a further 9 pieces of functionality to MindManager Pro 7, taken from the website exstensibility section.

It includes:

- Takes the selected topics containing numeric values and then adds them up and displays the total in a floating topic.
- Opens a new blank map with the topic alignment set to left.
- Takes any topic that links to a document and converts that link to an attachment.
- Allows you to select and then filter topics based on a search string which is contained in the topics only.
- Allows you to create a range of topics within a set date range.
- Allows you to turn relationship lines and their call-outs transparent.
- Takes the selected topic and make the text vertical.
- Automatically sort flagged topics into an Org layout, using the map marker names for the category topics. Anything not flagged with a Green, Red, Black, Blue or Yellow flag is marked No Category. Great for Six Hats.
- Allows you to flag and filter topics according to user definable task completion and due dates based on duration.

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